Injury Prevention

This program is primarily based on a client’s FMS Scoring and Findings Report. Participants will have the opportunity to increase mobility, flexibility, motor control (stability) and overall functionality. Problems such as joint range of motion play a major role in sports performance and daily activity. The Functional Movement Therapy gives athletes a chance to focus strictly on their bodily limitations and restrictions. The Functional Movement Therapy gives athletes a chance to focus strictly on improving their bodily limitations and restrictions and helps to lower the potential for risk or injury due to those limitations. Participants will use a corrective strategy approach within the Functional Movement System whether its pertaining to mobility, flexibility, motor control (stability) and strength. Participants will use therapy equipment such as Functional Movement Therapy bands by Gray Cook, balance pads, foam rollers, Reebok core boards and body bars. This is an awesome program for all athletes and individuals looking to maximize their potential. *Creative Dynamic Sports provides Certified FMS Health and Fitness Professionals for Functional Movement Therapy Classes. A Functional Movement Screen with CDS is a required prerequisite and should be scheduled prior to beginning this program.


Why should you consider the FMS?: The FMS is designed to show fundamental movements & motor control within movement patterns. It will determine the greatest areas of movement deficiency, demonstrate limitations or asymmetries in the body.

Who is the FMS for?: FMS was originally developed to chart movement patterns in youth athletes. This effort was to determine who was ready to engage in higher-level activities in the weight room and/or on the court/field. In the two-year refining process information gathered from its use has broadened the scope of corrective exercise, training and rehabilitation. The FMS is great for kids that play sports or want to become active in competition all the way up to Pro-Level athletes. Not only is the FMS used on athletes but it is also used on average everyday people, whether a person has a sedentary lifestyle or is as active as an athlete. 

 The Screening Process: The FMS is comprised of seven movement tests that require a balance of mobility and stability. The patterns used give detailed observable performance of basic, mobility and stability movements by placing clients in positions where weaknesses, imbalances, asymmetries and limitations become noticeable by a certified FMS health and fitness professional.

The Light System and Scoring the FMS:

What's Next?: After completing your Functional Movement Screen, a Certified FMS health professional will discuss the evaluation. Remember there is no pass or fail to the FMS. Using the Light System by FMS, our next step is to properly formulate a detailed plan and proper programming whether its for corrective exercise, technique or conditioning. Here at Creative Dynamic Sports, we will put together a strategy to begin the process of improved movement pattern and overall functionality. This may pertain to preparation for sports activity or everyday living. Our aim is to Protect, Correct and Develop.  


Creative Dynamic Sports offers FMS testing by an FMS certified Health and Fitness Professional.


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 FMS Testing Order: 

1. Deep Squat

2. Hurdle Step

3. Inline Lunge

4. Shoulder Mobility

5. Active Straight Leg Raise

6. Trunk Stability Push-up

7. Rotary Stability 

*Additional Testing: (Slide Box) Motor Control Screen, Upper Body Clearing Test, Lower Body Clearing Test, Shoulder Impingement, Extension Clearing Test, Flexion Clearing Test 




**This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment in any form. Always seek the advice of your physician or other  health providers with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition or before engaging in any physical activity. 




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