Fall Break Speed & Agility Clinic -" Functional Dynamics "

Creative Dynamic Sports



The Fall Break Speed, Agility & Strength Sports Training Clinic for Instructional Learning. 

Participants will have the chance to focus on detail learning of Functional Dynamics which includes: 

*Pricing: $125 Sept. 25-28 (9am-10:30am)

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  • This is a top level class/Clinic based on instructional learning and application required for reactionary sports as well as emphasizing specific skilled movement patterns for all athletes. 
  • Functional Dynamics is a focus-driven class/Clinic geared toward increasing core strength, hip stability and building the foundation from the center and then working outward. 
  • Functional Dynamics is a scientific strategic approach to helping the athlete utilize their bodies effectively, learn during the process and attain the necessary results to be the best on the field or court. 
  • Athletes will learn skills such as acceleration and deceleration timing, reactive cutting and quickness, proper athletic postures for sprinting, cognitive function and awareness, and hand-eye coordination.

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