Unlock Your Explosiveness

Unlock Your Explosiveness

Strategies to Becoming a Faster Athlete


As athletes, we constantly strive to enhance our performance on the field. One crucial aspect of athleticism is expressing  explosive speed. In this article, Coach Tim Buckley at Creative Dynamic Sports will share 5 valuable strategies to help you become a more explosive and faster athlete. Let's Work! 


1. You must first understand the Importance of Explosive Speed

Explosive speed is the ability to generate quick bursts of power and accelerate rapidly. It plays a vital role in various sports, allowing athletes to outrun opponents, make swift changes of direction, and seize crucial moments during game play. By focusing in on your explosive speed and quickness, you can gain a competitive edge over your opponents.  

 2. You have to Develop Lower Body Strength

Building a solid foundation of lower body strength is paramount for explosive speed. Incorporate exercises like squats, lunges, deadlifts, and plyometrics into your training routine. Focus on compound movements that engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Gradually increase resistance and intensity to stimulate muscle growth and enhance power output. Don't Skip leg day!!

 3. You must Incorporate  Plyometric Training for Power and Explosiveness

Plyometric exercises, such as box jumps, explosive lunges, and bounding, are excellent for developing explosive power. These high-intensity movements help improve muscle elasticity and recruit fast-twitch muscle fibers. Incorporate plyometric drills into your training sessions while maintaining proper form and gradually increasing the intensity. To gain the edge you will need to jump around!

 4. Sprint Training and Acceleration Techniques is a must

Sprint training is definitely at the top for improving acceleration and top end speed. Athletes should Incorporate interval training, hill sprints, and resistance training with parachutes or sleds to challenge your muscles and enhance explosive power. Focus on proper sprint mechanics, emphasizing quick ground contact, striking force, driving knees forward, and maintaining an upright posture. Yes, you can coach speed!

 5. You will need to incorporate Agility and Change of Direction Drills

Enhancing agility and change of direction skills are  crucial for explosive athletes. Athletes must take the time to incorporate cone drills, ladder drills, and shuttle runs into your training regimen. These exercises improve coordination, reaction time, and body control, allowing you to change directions swiftly and explosively during game situations. Athletes need to have the proper cognitive response to react quickly and efficiently. 


 We have now discussed 5 quick strategies to implement into your athletic training routine. It's safe to say that you can now work to unlock your explosive potential and become a faster athlete. Key take aways are to remember to focus on proper form, gradually increase intensity, and allow for adequate rest and recovery time. be patient we yourself as you learn to utilize these techniques and over the time you will see a huge return on the investment. Coach Tim Buckley at Creative Dynamic Sports is committed to helping athletes like you and others achieve their goals. Stay dedicated, train smart, and unleash your explosive power on the field! No days taken for granted! 


Lets Work! 

Coach Tim Buckley

Creative Dynamic Sports 




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