Speed Ball Tournament Events

Speed Ball Events
The Game of Speedball is a fun, non-contact/two-hand touch ball game Coach Tim uses as a conditioning tool as well as a super-charged fun sports game for the kids that can be played by both boys and girls ages 8 and up. It requires no prior game experience or skill level. 

Speedball Rules:
- Coach Tim will QB for both the teams to keep pace and insure that rules of play are followed.
- Game begins with a throw-off with receiving team being in their end zone and opposing team being on-sides with the QB who is doing the throw off.
- QB can’t run the ball but is always live and can receive ball back from any offensive player.
- Forward and backward laterals are permitted by any player on the field that has the ball at anytime.
- Any pass attempt resulting in dropped ball counts as turnover.
- Dropping the throw-off does not result in a turnover.
- Each team gets 4 downs to score.
- If Offense can’t score touchdown in 4 downs, then ball is turned over to opposing team at the spot of the 4th down play.
- When a ball received on throw-off results in touchback, Receiving team will take position on the 2 yard line.


- There is no rushing the QB unless a coach is NOT present at QB position.
- If a coach decides to let a player play the QB position, then the Defense needs to count 4-Mississippi before rushing in for the opposing QB.
- Interception of a pass is permitted and can be ran back.
- If the opposing team drops the interception then it is still a turnover for the offense and opposing team still gets the ball because the turnover.
- The Defense must use a 2-hand touch technique and no tackling will be permitted.
- Safeties do not count as a score. A safety results in a turnover and ball starts on the 2 yard line for opposing team
-Field Size: 35 yards Long and 15 yards wide. End Zones are 7 yards deep.

Our Speedball Tourney Events are set up into two double-elimination tourneys. Event lasts 3.5 hours, each tourney lasting approximately 1.5 hours with a 30 minute break in between for lunch. Teams are made up of 6 players each with a maximum number of participants of 30 kids. Draft selection and team names are chosen 15 minutes prior to the start of tourney. At end of Tourney 1, medals will be awarded to players of the championship team. We then break for lunch on-site provided by CDS. After lunch and during break, Coach Tim takes group and individual pictures with players with his Falcons jerseys. New draft selection will be held before the start of Tourney 2, and medals will also be awarded to the players of the championship team.