Online Training & Nutrition

Customized nutritional coaching plans to guide your understanding of how to eat and what to eat. Plans are to be be followed for 4 weeks. Meals will be specific with preparation direction, food types, food amounts, timing of meals, and vitamin recommendation. Nutrition plans are tailored to your specific goals and schedule.

Customized Online Training & Nutritional Plans:

  • Food Types and Amounts
  • Preparation Direction
  • Timing of Meals
  • Vitamin/Supplement Recommendation
  • Tips for Success
  • Recipes & smart snacks  @_cdsnutrition
  • Exercise / Cardio Recommendation
  • Weekly Check-Ins with CDS Team
  • Workouts are tailored to specific goals
  • 3 Days per Week Workout Plan for 4 week Nutritional Plan
  • 5 Days per Week Workout Plan for 4 week Nutritional Plan
  • Nutritional Plan only option available