Creative Recipes

Healthy Creative Snacks:

Peanut Butter / Almond Butter Protein Bars aka "Nut Butter Candy"
1 cup natural almond or peanut butter
1 cup uncooked old fashioned oats
1 cup whey protein powder
8 tablespoons of light agave nectar
Mix nut butter and agave nectar together and heat for 30 secs. Mix in protein powder thoroughly and then the oats thoroughly. I use mixer with cookie tongs to make sure ingredients are evenly distributed. Spray metal or glass dish with coconut oil spray and flatten into a thin smooth layer with spatula. Freeze for 10 minutes and then slice into small 2” pieces. Makes about 30 pieces. Store in tight container and freeze. It can be softer and kept in refrigerator, but I find that the freezer helps me eat slower and satisfies my sweet tooth craving. Plus its there if you need it, but also “out of sight, out of mind!”
Nutrition Facts: 88cals/Fat4g/Carbs8g/Protein5g


“Fried” Rice

Looking for ways to add veggies into your diet, give this a try! This "Fried Rice" crumbled veggie blend is made up of chopped cauliflower, carrots,broccoli and onions. Prepare by sauteing with a bit of garlic in a tablespoon of olive oil until brown and then add the mix and continue to cook 5-7 minutes while stirring occasionally. Then, add low sodium soy sauce at the end or coconut aminos if you are watching your sodium. You can also steam in the bag. A 3/4 cup serving is only 25 calories and 5 carbs! Try it as a veggie side dish or add cooked chicken and a egg for a realistic but healthy version of chicken fried rice! 25cals/Fat0g/Carbs5g/Protein1g






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